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From Dust game

Ubisoft comes now with a professional game using WebGL. I regret it is not as fast as the PC version but the game is amazing.

The Gameplay, the graphics and the music are more than awesome for WebGL.

Play the game

3D WebGL Bowling

bowlingGames are getting more and more professional. For this one, the graphics, the music and the gameplay have been well implemented and it is nice to see the progress of WebGL games.

The game is a bowling game with extra features. I let you discover it.
Go to Chrome Store


pfahrerA tank game as been released by Carl-Philip Hänsch. For now I haven’t really far as I’m not really good driving a tank. I hope you will do better.
Drive the tank

Doom 3 going Gangnam Style !

doom 3 gangnam style
After reaching the billion views on Youtube, Gangnam style keeps its conquest within the games. Doom 3 mobs can’t resist to show you there new style in a WebGl version.
Dance with us

WebGL 3D Model

WebGL 3D Model Image 1As his first Webgl project, Samir Solanki brings this simple WebGL Demo to study 3D graphics basic concepts, properties and operations. It comes with the standard 3D concepts of lighting mapping and movement.
Try it

Balloon Gunner 3D

Balloon Gunner 3D

Originally written for Windows Phone, Bob Wood made it available directly in the Chrome Web Store. This Balloon Gunner game brings you inside a balloon and make you shoot at other balloon/ships/planes/… The gameplay is simple and except the mouse issue that we have in many fps, it is easy to play.
The author mentioned that you can play it with 3D glasses (Red/Cyan). I haven’t tried but if you can please let me a comment on the result.
Chrome Web Store

Loud Rider

Load rider image 1


I think you already know that game… but now it is on html5. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is good and allows you to spend some nice time on it. I haven’t been until the end but got a lot of fun.

Loud Rider


I think the developer (Ivan Kuckir) who already made few games has brought nice one here. Have fun.

Ride it

Mariana’s Space Adventure 2

Mariana Space Adventure

Another funny and small game from Dave Nicholas who bring us a little spaceship simulator where the player has to collect items. Still need some improvement but the game is working well. Have a try, it is addictive :)

Enter the Spaceship

Big Fish and Crazy Bugs

An independent developer (Ivan Kuckir) came with some simple but funny games to me. He needs reviews so don’t hesitate to contact him.
The first game is Crazy Bug where you have to move the bugs in order to avoid the lines to cross each other. Sometimes easy, sometimes not…

Play Crazy Bugs

The second one is the long story of the small fish who wants to be the big fish… How big will you become?
Play Big fish

Cloudmach and 3 new demos

Cloudmach worked on 3 demos of WebGL.

The first one is a new way to imagine Social games in a 3D world. As a big fan of MMORPG, I expect one day to see such games in HTML5 :)

The second one is a 3d virtual help desk for a college. It uses dual rendering mode – Server-side rendering and WebGL – making the application available on any device with no plugins.

And the third one is about a virtual 3D shop. I already see some amazing way to use it for online shopping.


Go to the demos