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Browser Deathmatch

Multiplayer 2D shooter like Soldat, the aim is to frag opponents with various weapons in many game mode like deathmatch or capture the flag.

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snailrace is great fun to play! check it out.

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Spectral Defense

Spectral Defense is a 3D WebGL/ThreeJS first person survival shooter. Use only a pistol and the powerups you find to defend your self!

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3D Bricks

3D version of bricks/breakout.
play 5 levels with various specials like multiballs and more.
Audio is included (works with chrome only)

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Simple 3D Snake Game

Playing with WebGL I developed simple 3D snake game using WebGL and CSS3 Animations. Play and share.

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Escape the shopping center

I created this game myself.

In this game you are trapped in a shopping center and need to find a way to escape.

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Promote your game

I wanted to do it for a long time already but didn’t find an easy way and the time to do it.
So I’m glad to present the new feature:
Promote your game
On that page you can directly write the post, add the images and the URL to the game. I’ll then approve it and publish it. Easy :)

It can be used for Game, Demo, or any other content related to WebGL

From Dust game

Ubisoft comes now with a professional game using WebGL. I regret it is not as fast as the PC version but the game is amazing.

The Gameplay, the graphics and the music are more than awesome for WebGL.

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3D WebGL Bowling

bowlingGames are getting more and more professional. For this one, the graphics, the music and the gameplay have been well implemented and it is nice to see the progress of WebGL games.

The game is a bowling game with extra features. I let you discover it.
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pfahrerA tank game as been released by Carl-Philip Hänsch. For now I haven’t really far as I’m not really good driving a tank. I hope you will do better.
Drive the tank