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WebGL Check

Trying to improve the website for the visitors I added a kind of WebGL Check (look at the top left, under the logo) to show them if their browser is WebGL Ready or not.

It’s very basic and I’m not sure it’s working for everyone (waiting comments). I’m using a simple javascript test :
if (typeof Float32Array != "undefined") {...}
I think all WebGL browsers support now the Float32Array (also previously called CanvasFloatArray, then WebGLFloatArray )

update : Thanks mfleracker for the tip: WebGLFloatArray is now Float32Array
update : Thanks to ChromeExperiments I am now using

if (!!window.WebGLRenderingContext)

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  1. Nice idea! I think you should try to get a WebGL context from a canvas as well, though — the test as you’ve implemented it says that I’m ready for WebGL when I have it switched off in Minefield’s about:config.

  2. The WebGL context is a great idea but I refused to use it because it requires too much resources and reduces the performances. That’s not a good deal for a simple check.

  3. Your test is not good.

    I get that my browsers are not supporting.

    I use Firefox 4.08 pre and Chromium 9.

    Both have support for WEBGL as reported by HTML5TEST and by about:config(firefox)

  4. WebGLFloatArray has been renamed Float32Array in the WebGL standard. So checking for WebGLFloatArray only works for older browser builds.

  5. Your check is not working… I usw Google Chrome 10.0.648.204 and am able to view all WebGL demos – yet your check tells me that my browser would not support WebGL.

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