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    Dev: Google

    Link: Quake2 Gwt Port

    Desc: Quake2 is one of the most popular FPS game. It as been the first FPS using the mouse and some awesome lighting techniques

    The game is hosted on my own server on another port (8080). It requires WebSocket, another standard to allow direct connection between the browser and the server. Solo mode, Multiplayer, Sound... Everything is ok.. and for free

Quake 2 – WebGL

Quake 2 Logo

Quake 2 Logo

Quake 2 - Deathmatch

Quake 2 - Deathmatch

Shortly after landing on an alien surface, you learn that hundreds of your men have been reduced to just a few. Now you must fight your way through heavily fortified military installations, lower the city’s defenses and shut down the enemy’s war machine. Only then will the fate of humanity be known.

Quake 2 - Solo

Quake 2 - Solo

Quake 2 - Multiplayer

Quake 2 - Multiplayer

This WebGL version of Quake 2 is done by Google. This is an amazing demonstration of what we can do with a browser. The 3D using WebGL, combined with WebSocket (Realtime Network between the Browser and the Server) and with Audio elements, allow the game to be complete. There is even a multiplayer mode (requires to find a server).

Play it (for free) at http://crystalin.dyndns.org:8080/GwtQuake.html

Play now

  • Firefox 4: good
  • Chrome : only Beta 5.0 (running fine)
  • Chromium : only Beta 6.0 (requires the –enable-webgl –in-process-webgl)
  • Webkit/Safari : Nightly builds

Update: Quake 2 Server updated (10/01/2013) and back online.

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  1. Thanks for putting this online — looks like this is going to be a great site! :grin:

  2. Thank you Charles. I think it is a good idea to promote WebGL demos/games for this technology which is promising. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ll try to include a suggestion form to help the website and listen to everyone ideas. I’m actually contacting other persons playing with WebGL to add them on the website.

  3. Great!
    But as gilles from learning WebGL I get an “unsupported” error although I try it in Chromium (Linux).

  4. Console output if you’re interested:
    Test for System.out.println()
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029Did the exception test appear above?
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097… EAX2.0 not found
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097… using 32 channels
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097sound sampling rate: 44100Hz
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097couldn’t exec config.cfg
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097couldn’t exec config.cfg
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097Console initialized.
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097——- sound initialization ——-
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097——- use sound driver “HTML5Audio” ——-
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097——- Loading VID ——-
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097ref_gl version: GL 0.01
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:59860: GLimp_SetMode
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:59861: determining old display mode
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:59862: searching new display mode
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:59863: copying w/h
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:59864: setting mode: jake2.render.DisplayMode@1
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:59865: storing mode
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:59866: newWindow notification
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097GL_VENDOR: ATI Technologies Inc.
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097GL_RENDERER: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4300 Series
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:7097GL_VERSION: OpenGL ES 2.0 Chromium
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “Ope”
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029 at Unknown.lme(Unknown source:0)
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029 at Unknown.Gke(Unknown source:0)
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029 at Unknown.$Kd(Unknown source:0)
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029 at Unknown.yOd(Unknown source:0)
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029 at Unknown.vFb(Unknown source:0)
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029 at Unknown.Ecb(Unknown source:0)
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.html:6029 at Unknown.C_d(Unknown source:0)
    gwtquake/467C963030334F33D5FBE8BFBB59B43F.cache.htmlFailed to load resource

  5. Does not appear to work for me. =[ Gets stuck at loading the last image or creating an audio element.

  6. I updated the page about supported browsers. About the errors I’ll look the log but I think it is related to the browser more than the game.

    Thanks for trying it

  7. I get 20 fps on the benchmark with the latest WebKit nightly on a 10.6 2.66 core 2 duo macbook pro

    It takes awhile to load some of the files and it appears to be doing nothing, but it loads and plays.

  8. This works beautifully on a Webkit Nightly (in particular r59204+). Multiplayer, it attempts to connect to – if I’m not mistaken, it makes use of WebSockets but I dont think HTML5 WebSockets has support for UDP?

  9. Thank you for testing it. The server is not actually on a high bandwidth so it can take a moment to load every textures and …
    About UDP you are right. It is not supported directly by WebSocket but the connection is not done by the client directly, but through the server using the WebSocket. I’ll install a Quake 2 Server too allow multiplayer.

  10. Amazing to play such a game in a browser.
    (Chromium 6.0.407.0 (47395),Win XP)

  11. Running with –enable-webgl –in-process-webgl works in chromium!

  12. @aa : Thanks for the tips

  13. winxp+ati+chromium 6.0.412.0 (47877) or chrome 6.0.408.1 dev doesn´t work :(

    it stop in “creating audio element sound/misc/menu1.wav.mp3″ on chromium with –enable-webgl –in-process-webgl


  14. now crash before to see ingame menu :\

    sorry for my bad english :oops:

  15. Probably Chromium (Minefield too) Nightly Builds are not stable enough. I don’t know more about it but the best way to try the game is to try with another browser/version.

  16. ok, thx.

  17. Works awesome so far with Chrome on Mac OS (macbook pro) and on Windows XP, and ” –enable-webgl ” (not sure about “in-process-webgl”) :)

    Chromium seems to freeze on both machines though.

  18. Is the demo down? I’m getting a 404…

  19. Yes, my server is actually down because of a storm. I’m getting another one.

  20. I’ve put up a mirror until the normal server is back up.

  21. Good idea… i’ll change the link to yours

  22. getting a 404 on that too, dont think port 8080 is open

  23. Nicholas Chase

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to tatari.se:8080

    I hope it comes back up soon!

  24. Its back up again… had to do some maintenance and forgot to restart it.

  25. Thanks again :)
    On my last server I added it directly at the startup :)

  26. Pretty impressive! It does show that Chrome’s WebGL still has its work cut out, as it was rather slow on my dual-core Athlon X2 @ 1.2 Ghz.

    [quote]Works awesome so far with Chrome on Mac OS (macbook pro) and on Windows XP, and ” –enable-webgl ” (not sure about “in-process-webgl”) :)[/quote]
    The browser will probably freeze up if you don’t include –in-process-webgl.

  27. Failed to load resource: canceled gwtquake/145205A6B37E69830A60D5EB91291985.cache.html


  28. Does not work with Chrome 7 (trying to use canvas hardware acceleration)

  29. I can Not make it work on OSX:

    Chromium 7.0.539.0
    Firefox 4.0b7Pre
    Webkit Safari 5.0.2

  30. Failed to load resource: canceled gwtquake/145205A6B37E69830A60D5EB91291985.cache.html

  31. Latest chromium-linux, with –enable-webgl gives me (on JavaScript console):
    Failed to load resource 145205A6B37E69830A60D5EB91291985.cache.html

  32. does not work. Chrome 8

  33. not work

    Failed to load resource 145205A6B37E69830A60D5EB91291985.cache.html

    ubuntu 10.04 + chromium 9.0.584.0 (66245)

  34. pissedthefuckoff

    i don’t think i’m a retard, but i can’t get webgl to work for shit, i did everything as advised, and it still says webgl support required

  35. Looks likes it only works in Google Chrome 6, so don’t try it in version 5,7,8 or 9. I think Quake 2 webgl needs an update.

  36. hi guys, haha.. it works here. firefox 4 beta 8. but mous sensitivity is killing me (I would need to switch my desktop mouse sensitivy down).
    and the game is not easy to play because it’s not in da flow :) I get stops, and hangers all around.

    I am on a windows7, i5 fujitsu business notebook and have enough 2D/3D performance.

    maybe I need to wait for updates here.

    cheers and thanx for the site.

  37. With WebKit Version 5.0.3 (6533.19.4, r75891) on iMac 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo and 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 I got 15-30 fps, but the sound is often delayed.

    Why not a Quake I version!

    Best regards

  38. Kind of doesn’t work because half of the resources are 404′ing.

  39. I thought that it has better performance :???:

    The port for Symbian runs faster on a 369MHz CPU without a FPU.

    WebGL is nice but it needs GPU accel.

  40. I don’t see enemies and my weapon. It’s normal?

  41. Sometimes with the lag yes.
    Or maybe the server is bugged. I’ll check that and maybe update it if I have time

  42. Does’nt seem to work on firefox 4 for me for some reason :(

  43. Chromium 9.0.597.94 (Developer Build 73967) Ubuntu 10.10

    I played the game in about 20 seconds… and the window closed… :shock:

  44. A lot of 404 errors, seems like enemies are invisible…

  45. Works, but doesn’t show models, only bsp. Also some textures seem to be missing.

  46. Everything nice, but how the hell do I exactly apply the thing for Chromium? If you give info what is needed to make it run, also would be good to tell HOW to do it, yanno?
    Can anyone explain what I exactly need to do with Chromium to make it work? (I use Linux)

  47. The latest Chromes and Chromiums can’t render models anymore for some reason, but Firefox 4 works natively. The multiplayer, however, only works if you use a developer option to turn Websocket on.

  48. :sad: :smile: :grin:

  49. not working? or am i doing it wrong? i clicked the link!?@

  50. vorrei che mi scaricate voi quake 2

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