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  • Rules

    If you know the rules of the pool... forget them. All you have to do here is :

    • Put the balls in the holes
    • Have fun trying WebGL
  • Information

    Dev: Google

    Link: O3D Pool

    Desc: Simple pool game, using nice graphics with shaders. Few bugs depending on the browser. If the game is too slow, try to reduce the size of your window.

O3D WebGL Pool

O3D WebGL Pool 1

O3D WebGL Pool 1

Another great game/demo by Google. This time it’s a pool using the O3D API (dev by Google), based on Javascript and WebGL .

The graphics are good, the gameplay is good enough to keep playing. One regret, about the speed of the balls controling by the fps and not by the time (reduce the browser size to play faster). The shadow and the reflexion are a good example of what we can do with shaders. However, the game seems to generate some crash/freezes on some browser.

I’m not familiar with O3D but it’s another progress for WebGL. Google and o3d will probably accelerate its development.

O3D WebGL Pool 2

O3D WebGL Pool 2

Don’t expect to play a real pool game. This one is more a demo of what you can do with WebGL/O3D than a real game.

To play in fullscreen mode , go directly to :


Supported Browsers :

  • Chrome Beta 5.0 : OK
  • Chromium Beta 6.0 : OK
  • Minefield Nightly : OK
  • Safari Nightly : To test (I guess it’s OK)

With some browsers I’ve tested I got some bugs/crash, what about you ?

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  1. Crashes for me under Chrome Beta 5.0.

  2. For me, Works great on Safari Nightly for Mac!
    but very very slowly on Chrome Beta for Windows…

    probably should be because Windows has no native OpenGL :???:

  3. Chrome 6 dev – works fine

  4. Abhishek K.Dutta

    Working on Mozilla firefox 4.0b2

  5. “Works” but does not render correctly on Firefox 4.0b6

  6. Firefox 4.08 pre x64 – I can see the board but can’t play
    Chromium 9 crashed.

  7. nice game works with minefiled.

  8. @Victor:
    OpenGL support you have in drivers to your video card. Just Chrome sucks.

  9. Crash on firefox after very stongr shot xD

  10. WebGL Tables are not strongs… I’m not surprised someone finally destroyed it :)

  11. works well for me on my system hd4890/phenom2 tri core under minefield works fine but under chrome it really takes off n works well.. now if only opera would hurry up with webgl support.

  12. Works great in Firefox8 + HD4890

  13. Hi. Feature suggestion: add a way to change camera position. Could be Crt+mouse.

    Nice work!

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