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  • Rules

    You have 3 minutes to do the best score :

    • Select the longest line of the same color bubbles : Click on one Bubble and move the mouse over the other bubbles of the same color and Click to finish your selection.
    • For line of 6 or more, you get a multi-color bubble, which is considered as a bubble of any color

    Tips :

    • Try to keep only one color
    • Don't forget the time
  • Information

    Dev: Alan Sapède

    Link: http://playwebgl.com/games/glubble

    Desc: 2D WebGL Game with bubbles

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  1. I get this alert:
    ERROR: 0:1: ” : Version number not supported by ESSL
    ERROR: 1 compilation errors. No code generated.

    And this in the console:
    Uncaught TypeError: Object false has no method ‘bind’

  2. To many changes happened to WebGL… I need to rewrite it

  3. no items select with game. Game board is empty with minefield 4.0b9pre 2010-12-23

  4. Advertencia: Se esperaba ‘:’ pero se encontró ’1px’. Declaración ignorada.
    Archivo Fuente: http://playwebgl.com/wp-content/themes/zbench/style.css?v=0.4
    Línea: 240
    Advertencia: Error al leer el valor de ‘filter’. Declaración ignorada.
    Archivo Fuente: http://playwebgl.com/wp-content/games/glubble/css/mint-choc/jquery-ui-1.8.custom.css
    Líneas: 18, 76, 77, 285, 286, 300, 306, 336, 345, 385, 408, 472.
    uncaught exception: [Exception... "Not enogh arguments" nresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: http://playwebgl.com/wp-content/games/glubble/web-gl.js :: :: line 124" data:no]

  5. (Firefox 4.0)

  6. Can you start the columns dropping down smoothly then faster instead of just a linear transition?

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