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From Dust game

Ubisoft comes now with a professional game using WebGL. I regret it is not as fast as the PC version but the game is amazing.

The Gameplay, the graphics and the music are more than awesome for WebGL.

Play the game
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  1. It’s not made with WebGL but google native client (NaCl).

  2. I agree it is made with NaCl but it uses WebGL for the graphic part (that’s also why it is less fluid than the desktop version)

  3. Weird. For me Chrome NaCl and WebGL/HTML5 are completely different beasts. Why would one package an WebGL game into NaCl thus only making it run in Chrome when the idea of HTML5/WebGL is to run everywhere cross browsers?

  4. I’d say that NaCl is because the game is computing intensive and relying on JS was not a solution.
    I also think that NaCl doesn’t provide a OpenGL library or a low access to get it that’s why it is better to do the graphic part with WebGL (already implemented in the browser). But that needs to be verified

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