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What is WebGL

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WebGL is a royalty-free web standard (under HTML5) implementing OpenGL ES 2.0 natively inside the browser. You’ll be able to run Game/Apps… using good graphics (3D/Shaders/…) on your browser without plugins.
To get more information you can visit the official WebGL Standard page at :

How to install WebGL

WebGL is part of the Browser and there is no plugin/software to install. However, WebGL is not yet ready in all browsers. You need to download one from that list :

Most of those browsers require to enable WebGL. For more instruction have a look at the first tutorial of learningwebgl.com

How to play one of the games

Once the browser is correctly configured, you just need to go to the game page (ex : Glubble) and to read the rules.

I get “WebGL can’t be initialized” error

This error means that WebGL is not supported (or enabled) on your browser. Please refer to the “How to install WebGL” question

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