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Quake 3 BSP Map

Quake 3 - Map 1

Quake 3 - Map 1

This demo shows a simple way to load bsp map from Quake 3 packages using the WebGL Framework CopperLight from Ambiera. It runs fast enough to appreciate it. The good idea (in map 1) is to use a fixed resolution instead of using the full browser resolution (but it is good only for slow Graphic card. I think the Browser part is still the same). However, It doesn’t look pretty good if you have a HD screen. To increase your speed, try to reduce your browser window. The second map is in full resolution (but with low textures). Enjoy it

Developper : Brendon Smith from http://i-create.org
Demo Information : WebGL Rendering of BSP Maps
Framework : CopperLight

Quake 3 - Map 2

Quake 3 - Map 2

The demos are in fullscreen mode. You can try 2 maps imported by the author.
Enter Quake 3 Map 1
Enter Quake 3 Map 2

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  1. look function moves too fast

  2. I can’t get it to work, I downloaded all files I need but the information is not correct, there is no information where to place the files nor is this updated… Sad times. :neutral:

  3. I think it so difficult to understand!!!

  4. Cool, I’m looking for an “engine” to render stuff in WegGL, shopping, maybe this engine could do the trick…

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