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    Dev: Alan Sap├Ęde

    Link: http://playwebgl.com/demos/pgl-game-of-life

    Desc: 2D WebGL Game of life demo
    Done using shader, this version updates over 100.000 creatures every frame.
    Those creatures are following some rules (they live only if there are less than 6 neighbours... birth if there are 2 and ...)
    Only the logo at the middle is a generator for the creatures.

    Warning: The shaders are not really optimized and may require a good graphic card (Geforce 5 at least)
    The code is not optimized/clean so it's probably not a good idea to read it

    Audio Copyright : Mosaik - Leandi from http://www.mosaik.se/leandi/

  • Log

PGL Game of Life

I was preparing my next Particle demo when I decided to play a bit more with shaders. Here is my game of life demo. There is nothing to do but look. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. All tabs in Chrome Beta 5.0 crash on me when I click the Start button.

  2. It seems Chrome beta 5.0 is sometimes instable, I don’t know why. The best is probably to use the new Chrome 5 Release version which works with WebGL too.

  3. Works stable and smooth on Webkit for Mac!

  4. Looking to learn some online Opengl ES. The documentation is still light with google research. Btw, This did not load with the stable Chromium build for Ubuntu. Looks promising guys. I am willing to help.

  5. Well well, bet you apple kids didn’t expect this. Accoarding to the comments the application crashes on Chromium, and guess what? it doesn’t work on Minfield either! it only works in Safari, appearantly. Back to Windows, kids. You have a lot to learn. Not developing for all and Testing all browsers is VERY BAD PRACTICE.

  6. For me it works on Chromium and Firefox without any problem… I tested it on what I could (except Safari cause I don’t have mac). I also tested it on a phone (Working but not as expected).

  7. Unable to play with firefox 4.0b6 and I have webgl installed but still it’s saying it’s not there :?:

  8. Doesn’t work for me in Chrome 8.0.885.0 canary build: I click Start and nothing happens.

  9. (Whoops, I meant 8.0.558.0)

  10. Minefield 4.0b9pre(2010-12-23)
    not working log says [pGL] init…
    [WebGL] Not available on that browser.
    This browser are webgl available. And running :arrow:

  11. You should let it try to run even if the browser supposedly doesn’t support WebGL because Firefox 4 under GNU/Linux works with everything else.

  12. The problem comes from the javascript I wrote which is not anymore compatible with the current WebGL implementation. I need to fix that

  13. I see errors, it says, that I don’t have webgl, wchich is not true, other examples are working fine.

    [pGL] init…
    [WebGL] Not available on that browser
    [Gof] Init…
    [RM] Create Texture “particle_1″

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