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Cloudmach and 3 new demos

Cloudmach worked on 3 demos of WebGL.

The first one is a new way to imagine Social games in a 3D world. As a big fan of MMORPG, I expect one day to see such games in HTML5 :)

The second one is a 3d virtual help desk for a college. It uses dual rendering mode – Server-side rendering and WebGL – making the application available on any device with no plugins.

And the third one is about a virtual 3D shop. I already see some amazing way to use it for online shopping.


Go to the demos

HTML5 Contest (WebGL and more) for $30k

What a nice price for a cool contest. $30k + a trip to GDC 2012. If I wasn’t so busy I’d participate.
Get more information on their site: http://www.pokki.com/1up



WebGL Starwars X-Wing Fighter

Wanna drive a X-Wing into the Death Star? It is now possible into your browser with this little game. I don’t think there is an end, but it still fun to play (maybe there is one… if you find it, tell me :p)

Enter the X-Wing


Not a recent but definitively one that should be on playwebgl. Ro.me made by the google team is another WebGL Demostration of the power of this technology. Mixing amazing video interactions with 3D features, you will enjoy it all the time. It requires a correct Graphic Card (like many other demos atm). Try moving your mouse during all the movies and you will see different interactions.

       Play it   

Lights for Ellie Goulding

Another Amazing Music demo with “Ligths”. Coming from the Ellie Goulding website and made by HelloEnjoy, this demo is showing how Webgl can be our future winamp animation plugin (for those who don’t know what I mean… you are too young, and for the others…well… you are not too old). The sync between the music and the animation is well done and the different scenes keep you awake all the time.

The interaction is not impressive but good enough to play a bit with it… but the best part is the show!

Play now

Remixing Reality

This demonstration shows interaction between a video and WebGL.

2 pieces of paper with a special pattern are moved around in a video.




The software recognizes the special patterns and a jumping WebGL basket ball is rendered on the paper and follows the paper as its moves and when the second papir is layed on the table the ball jumps between the two pieces of paper.



There is also a ghost, bird and flower that can be placed on the papers.

You can also draw your own image and play music that renders on the papers.


Demo WebGL Live

Alcatraz Azathioprine WebGL Demo

Alcatraz TeamAlcatraz Azathioprine WebGL 1Alcatraz Azathioprine WebGL 2Alcatraz Azathioprine WebGL 3This demo was part of a contest for Javascript demos. It was sent to me by Jochen Wilhelmy, member of the Alcatraz Team that released it.

The graphics are nice and I’m glad to see ppl are still making those old (very old) contests. Who never looked at those 64k demo and said whooww… only me ? (Maybe I’m too old :p).

Have a look at the demo I’m sure the team will be happy to get a feedback and they will make some new ones.
Run the demo
or look at the video:

Flight Of The Navigator

This WebGL demonstration by Mozilla #audio hacking team called Flight of the navigator demostrates many cool things that browsers are able to do in 3D.

This is the intro screen where files get loaded and the start button appears when all is ready.




We start out outside of a space station where our spacecraft is located.




At the top is a audio player that not only lets you jump in the sweet music (Shpongle – Nothing is Something Worth Doing) but this also jumps in the journey.



Visulisation of the music being played.




Videoes being played.




Here the “Big buck bunny” animation movie is being played on a curved surface.




Here we enter a rotating tunnel thingy.





Enter the demo



Testet to work in Mozilla Nightly and Chrome.

Opera 11.50 labs can load the intro screen but the demo dossent run. Proberly because the mp3 audio i loaded… which Opera dossent support.

Pulpo … The WebGL Demo

Pulpo Experiment WebGLComing from Argentina, this little demo named “Pulpo” is a simple pulpo moving in his sea. The author is Karakas from http://www.proyectiva.com, he made it for the ChromeExperiements.

The effect is nice and the fps is high so I think it is a good demo

Live Demo

Planet Buster Game

A new WebGL Game and Engine is in the box. A let you read more about it on the Planet Buster Page.

The graphics are nice and the game is fast. No reason to not test it.