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Kid Disco

Kid Disco is a free WebGL tech-demo/game made by A Small Game and powered by three.js. It’s basically a classic 2D platform game with 3D graphics made to show the possibilities of future, web-based, plugin-less, 3D gaming. The tech-demo is synced to a song by Boy vs. Bacteria and the goal is to take the player from the start to the end without dying.

Penguin Soccer

Crazy and funny penguins play soccer on the ice.

WebGL Track Editor for Altitude0

WebGL was used to create track editor for airplane racing game Altitude0.
Editor allows players to place gates and obstacles on the huge terrain and create a race track. Later this track is used in the game for competing.

Lovely Lanes

A WebGL bowling game.

Wizard Warz

Multiplayer WebGL game written with ThreeJS and nodejs.

Very early beta stage.

Parrot Hunt

Parrot Hunt – WebGL game with a retro feeling from Duck Hunt.

TETRIS Powergrid

TETRIS Powergrid is an addictive Tetris game with HDR (high dynamic range) lighting effects.

(The effects look best on Mozilla Firefox!)

The game is open end and intended as a quick and fun way to spend those extra minutes of spare time.
Hint: Set the grid size to ‘Narrow’, crank up the music and see how many lines you get ;)

Won’t Fry Me

Blend4Web is an open source 3D web framework which uses Blender as the main authoring tool. Content is rendered in browsers by mean of WebGL and other modern technologies without using of any plug-ins.

Recently a series of Blend4Web gamedev tutorials have been published covering game logic, content optimization, level design and Android/iOS mobile browsers support.

There are currently 4 tutorials which can be accessed by link http://www.blend4web.com/en/tag/you-wont-fry-me/1/

The source code of these tutorials as well as source files for content are available under GPL license as part of Blend4Web SDK.

Pizza Snake

Pizza Snake is a fun and challenging snake game inspired by an MS-DOS classic game: Pizza Worm, probably the best snake game ever.

Browser Deathmatch

Multiplayer 2D shooter like Soldat, the aim is to frag opponents with various weapons in many game mode like deathmatch or capture the flag.