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Giraffaconda is SHMUP inspired. Your character is a militant giraffe-snake battling rocket sloths, zombie spiders, robot toucans, space cats etc. As you progress, the bullet patterns become more hypnotic/complex and the characters and levels more bizarre.

Introducing Virtulo.us!

Virtulo.us is an online authoring platform for creating games and simulations in WebGL. Our online tools let you make cool stuff quickly and host it for others to see.

Upload models, import them into the editor, add scripts and interactivity, publish. You can do all of this right from any modern browser.

Rastim rebenka

Interesting 3d onlane game for your children “Running”. You can see the game procedure on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DedG-evTHg

3D Tetris

My version of the 90s 3D Tetris variant called Frac 3D.


Help Vox, prince of Voxadu, to save his princess Voxilia.

Pyatigor’s Tale

The player – a brave warrior – moves around the fantastic world. Melting hot stones keep falling on him from the sky; the stones should be avoided. Different bonuses which give various advantages appear on the location from time to time. Dangerous monsters are spawning. The player’s goal is to stay alive as long as possible. This small game has a third-person view and supports touchscreen devices.

The source files are present in the Blend4Web free distribution.


Multiplayer 3D action game.

Toast Man

A simple and addicting game. Play as a toaster trying to save the world from an evil bird army. The game is easy to play, but hard to master.


Simple little WebGL game where you save fishes trapped in bubbles. Save as many as you can!


Snuck is a WebGL procedural game. You must avoid obstacles to get the best score. Have fun !